Renting a storage unit can be a convenient way of storing your belongings during certain events like when you are remodeling your home.  When you are shopping for a storage unit either for extra storage space or any other reason, you should be sure of the decision you are making.  Since every storage space consumer has his or her priorities when it comes to choosing a storage unit, nailing down the right one is never easy. Here are some factors you should weight before signing a storage unit rental contract. 

 Select a storage facility whose location creates a convenience for you either from your home or workplace and this is very important if you are likely to access the facility frequently. If you are planning to make numerous trips to and from the unit, check if you will be allowed twenty-four hours access of the unit to avoid any inconveniences that might arise. Before you accept to rent a storage unit, take a trip to the facility and check out the units to see firsthand what you are getting. 

The security of the facility is another factor you should pay attention to; different facilities that have storage units have different security measures in place with some going the extra mile to ensure the security of your belongings.  Choosing a storage unit on size comes down to the quantity of belongings you want to store in the unit; a good storage unit should be able to comfortably accommodate all the properties you want to keep in it. 

When you are shopping for a storage unit it is important you consider if you need a climate-controlled unit and this is especially important if you want to store things that can be damaged by heat, humidity or moisture like electronics.  Some storage unit facilities will require you to have insurance while some don’t, but either way it is good to protect yourself against anything that might occur like floods, by insuring the belongings you keep in the unit. Click here for more details on storage facilities.

The payment method vary greatly from one storage unit facility to another so ensure you ask the storage facility for the specifics.  The due date of the rent and the late payment terms are some important factors you should know from the start to help you avoid any inconveniences that might arise. When you visit the storage unit facility be sure to ask about locks; some facilities will require you to buy locks from them or use a certain type of lock while others give you freedom to use any. Use these tips to help you select a storage unit that fits your criteria. Discover more at